11 Clever Ways To Organize Your Entire Garage

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Does your garage look like it could use a little organization? Here are 11 clever ways you can tidy up that garage of yours and find a place for everything, from your sports equipment to your paintbrushes, screws and nails.

1.  Take Advantage Of  Wall Space

If one or more of your walls in the garage happen to be unfinished, take advantage of the space between the studs. Designed to Dwell has a clever idea for using the space to store balls. Using 3-foot bungee cords, stretch them out in a 4-foot section to keep basketballs from rolling down the driveway.

Designed To Dwell

2. Use Magnets

Magnetic strips attached to a piece of wood can make for a great addition to a work bench. Use this DIY magnetic strip idea to easily store all of your metal tool attachments. You can even do the same thing along your garage wall. And because everything is in plain sight, you’ll always know what you have!

3. Repurpose Cans

Enjoy a can of soup and, when you’re done, wash it out and use it to store smaller things in the garage, such as paint brushes. To hang cans from a pegboard, drill a hold in the back to hang it from a hook. Hi Sugarplum has this and other tips.

Hi Sugarplum

4. Hang A Bag

Toting recyclables to a return center is way less of a hassle if you have them all in one bag and ready to go. By hanging a bag from a pair of hooks in your garage, you can easily store and tote all of your cans and soda bottles in one convenient place. Some shops, such as Create-Some-Space, sell special bag hooks for your wall.


5. Use Floor Tiles

Floor tiles can not only jazz up your garage floor, but they can also help keep dirt off the floor, especially if you put them down near the entryway or near a workspace.

6. Use Ceiling Space

If you’re short on room, try utilizing the ceiling for storage space. There are plenty of kits (on Amazon, for example) designed for ceiling storage, and it will help get those less than pretty cardboard boxes out of the corner of the garage.


7. Make A Tape Dispenser

If you’re tired of rooting through drawers or boxes to find the tape you’re looking for, try whipping up this DIY tape dispenser, made with wood and a hacksaw blade, to keep all of your tapes in one place. Kooyman Curacao posted instructions for this DYI project on Facebook:

8. Use A Slatwall

Pegboard walls seem to be the most common way to organize a garage, but slatwalls can work just as well. Using hooks and baskets, you’ll be able to easily store everything you need up and off the ground. A Beautiful Mess shows just how helpful a slatwall can be.

A Beautiful Mess

9. Use Pallets

Creative people have shown us that pallets can be used for just about anything around the house, including organizing your tools in the garage. This easy DIY project from Fabulessly Frugal shows it’s not only affordable, but easy to do.

Fabulessly Frugal

10. Hang Your Lawn Chairs

Using scrap lumber, make (or buy) brackets to install along one of your garage walls to hang those lawn chairs that take up so much valuable space.

11. Use Plastic Organizers For Screws And Nails

Make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for and keep all of your screws, nails and bolts in one place using plastic organizers with this tip from Hi Sugarplum. You can pick up organizers at craft stores in the bead and jewelry section. You can likely find them at your local hardware store, too.

Hi Sugar Plum

By having a special place for everything, your garage will not only be easier to keep clean, but it will look a lot neater, too!