5 Ways To Use Sliced Chocolate, The Coolest Treat On The Market

The future is now: in case you hadn’t heard, sliced chocolate now exists, thanks to the mad geniuses in Japan.

What is sliced chocolate, you may be wondering? Well, picture a piece of packaged American cheese. Now replace that plasticky sadness with a slice of luscious chocolate. Much better. While this genius invention may not be at your local grocery store just yet, it is carried in some Asian grocery stores in the states, so look for it there.

Here are five ways to use this delightful confection:

1. In a dessert panini

If you’ve never had a dessert panini, you’re missing out. Sliced chocolate is the perfect contributor to an already melty and gooey sandwich of sweetness. Or mix sweet with savory and add it to a panini stuffed with brie and raspberry preserves or salty fontina and jammy ripe blueberries. Check out this recipe for inspiration.

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2. In a stuffed pancake

Stuffed pancakes are all the rage now—from red velvet to summery s’mores, it’s as easy as layering ingredients onto a partially cooked pancake and topping with more batter. Sliced chocolate will make the perfect center as it’s described as being richer than milk chocolate but not as sweet as fudge. Swap it out for Nutella in this already-decadent stuffed pancake recipe that’s perfect when you feel like breakfast for dessert (or dessert for breakfast—no judgment here).

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3. Tucked into a crepe with fresh fruit

Crepes are undoubtedly the loveliest way to start the morning—they’re certainly worth all the work. And what better combination than strawberry and chocolate (or banana and chocolate or blackberry and chocolate or…)? Simply layer perhaps a slice or two inside the crepe along with your other fillings of choice before folding the crepe and continuing to cook it as you usually would. Here’s a recipe for easy homemade crepes that cook up in less than 15 minutes. Et voila!

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4. Layered on top of a cake for a textured effect

If you haven’t already seen Real Simple’s tips on how to revamp a grocery store sheet cake, now is the time. Though they advocate for a 3D effect, you can layer the chocolate slices over one another to add not only another dimension of chocolate to the cake (always a good thing) but also a pretty latticed effect. Plus, it takes almost no skill whatsoever—so even if baking isn’t your forte, it’ll still look pretty.

5. Eaten straight out of the package

There’s no shame in eating these undeniably cool chocolate slices right out of the package. Whether it’s with a strong cup of coffee for your afternoon pick-me-up or at 10 am on a truly hellacious Tuesday, sliced chocolate is convenient and just the right amount of sweet to be satisfying. Now all we have to do is pray that Japan starts shipping this stuff worldwide… or that Nestle jumps on the bandwagon, and we can find these in every neighborhood grocery store.