Man Made The Most Thoughtful Gift For Girlfriend With Anxiety And Depression

Sometimes it can be the simplest act of kindness that shows those who suffer from depression and anxiety that they’re not alone and people are thinking of them.

One man has been receiving a lot of praise after posting a picture on Reddit and Imgur of a homemade gift he made for his girlfriend who has both depression and anxiety. Known online as bovadeez, his gift idea couldn’t be simpler: He put a handful of popsicle sticks into a glass mason jar.

Each wooden stick is color-coded and has a positive hand-written message. Here’s what the various colors represent:

Orange = Quotes

Each orange-colored popsicle stick has a quote written on it. He explained further in the comments on the photo that the orange sticks are filled with inspirational quotes from poets, political figures, philosophers and humanitarians across time.

Yellow = Reminders

The yellow popsicle sticks are adorned with personalized messages meant to serve as positive reminders on hard days. “You’re beautiful” and “It’s okay to ask for help” are just a few examples of the sweet, reassuring words included in the jar.

Purple = Things To Help Relax

He popped a few purple-colored popsicle sticks into the jar that share ideas for different ways to relax, including “take a break,” and “listen to your favorite song.” As anyone who’s experienced anxiety and depression know, sometimes it’s really difficult to access even the most basic coping mechanisms like these when you’re struggling, so having a reminder in plain sight is a huge help.

Blank = Record Happy Moments

There are also a few blank popsicle sticks in the jar, along with a fine tipped marker, that are meant for his girlfriend to use to record moments when she’s the happiest. He wrote on the label on the front of the jar: “Add a memory. Write something you enjoyed on a blank stick with person and date.”

Can we just interject to say how sweet we think this is?!

The caption with the photo, which has now been viewed over 343,000 times, reads: “My girlfriend suffers from, at times, crippling depression and anxiety. I saw this idea somewhere online and decided to make her something like it.”

He said although he tries to say these things to his girlfriend out loud, he doesn’t always feel like they’re getting through to her because she “becomes overwhelmed and loses control” at times. “This will hopefully help [her] to regain control in some aspects and push her to take breaks and become more focused on herself.”

Many of the comments on the photo are of those who are looking to recreate this for someone they love that also suffer from anxiety and depression.

“Wow this is a really great idea. Sometimes depression makes it really hard for people to hear what you are trying to say and sometimes talking doesn’t help,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another commenter added, “That is really beautiful, a lovely model to follow. I hope (and trust) that it helps with such a frustrating and mysterious condition. She is lucky to have you.”

We couldn’t agree more.