Amy Schumer Is Officially Married—See Photos From The Secret Ceremony

Despite her celeb status, Amy Schumer managed to keep her relationship with her beau, Chris Fischer, very private. According to People, the couple has only been spotted in public together twice. And it wasn’t until Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday bash that Schumer officially confirmed their relationship.

Then, all of a sudden, the comedian’s Instagram was flooded with wedding photos! Yep—Schumer and Fischer got hitched in a super secret ceremony held on Feb. 13.

Schumer announced the news with photos of the bride and groom on the big day. She simply captioned the photo series, “Yup.”

Once the cat was out of the bag, the celebrities in attendance were free to talk about the very special day. Jennifer Lawrence told Entertainment Tonight, “It was beautiful. It was very sudden, but it was. I was sobbing the whole [time],” she said. “It’s when two people really love each other and they really mean it, it shows, and it was a beautiful ceremony and an amazing time. I couldn’t be happier for them.”

Lawrence wasn’t the only A-lister who showed up to celebrate. Judd Apatow, Jennifer Aniston and Jake Gyllenhaal were just some of the other Hollywood friends who were reportedly in attendance (click the arrows in the Instagram post to see all the celeb photos).

But according to Us Weekly, Schumer and Fischer weren’t terribly concerned about the guest list. An unnamed source told the publication that the wedding was rather spur of the moment, and friends were invited through a text message.


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“It was a very chill wedding. It was thrown together last minute,” a source told Us Weekly. “Most of the guests found out the wedding was happening on Tuesday from a text message sent out by Amy on Sunday. It was like, ‘Hey, this is happening. If you can make it, great. If not, no worries.’ People were in and out all night. It was a gorgeous day. Everyone was having a good time.”

While those in Schumer and Fischer’s circles may not have been too surprised to see the couple get hitched, the public’s been more than a little out of the loop as far as their relationship is concerned. Schumer only made their relationship Instagram official on Feb. 12 with a photo of the pair kissing. The next day—she was secretly married!

Schumer has admitted that the movie “Trainwreck” was “pretty autobiographical.” She told ABC News that at the time of writing the script, “I was falling in love… and I was having trouble feeling like I deserved that love,” she told the news outlet. “It’s very personal.”

Fischer, a.k.a. Schumer’s new husband, is a chef. According to Vanity Fair, Schumer’s assistant is Fischer’s sister, so that could be how the two originally met.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Here’s to hoping even more photos will be revealed soon because once you start the sharing, fans are going to want more. Keep ’em coming, Schumer!