Arby’s Newest Treats Are Basically Oreo Doughnut Holes And They’re Glorious

OK, you’re going to want to get yourself to an Arby’s right about now because they’ve just rolled out a tantalizing new treat: Oreo Bites. Basically, they’re like Oreo-flavored doughnut holes. I had you at “Oreo-flavored,” didn’t I?

Oreo Bites are chocolate doughnut bites, baked with Oreo wafer pieces inside, filled with Oreo creme and finally dusted with an Oreo sugar blend. And to cap off this winter sugar rush, they’re served warm!

The only bummer about Oreo Bites? These indulgent little darlings will only be available at Arby’s for a limited time. These bites of heaven come in servings of six, for about $2.59 per order. The food writers below even said they were worth breaking your New Year’s resolution over.

While you’re looking over Arby’s menu, you might want to check out a few of its other outrageous limited-time offerings including the mint chocolate milkshake topped with whipped creme, Andes candy pieces and chocolate drizzle.

Back to the Oreo Bites. If you’re really against eating fast food, why not try baking these for yourself? We’ve got an Oreo Doughnut recipe that shows you step-by-step how to make soft, fluffy chocolate donuts that are actually baked instead of deep fried, making for a slightly more healthy alternative to the Arby’s variety. Check out the full how-to video below to learn how to make them.

In other, equally tasty Oreo news, Oreo recently revealed its latest mystery flavor, which turned out to be Fruity Pebbles. And the company also started offering a monthly subscription service that sends Oreo superfans a care package every month, including cookies, recipes and gifts!

The company has also unveiled three more flavors that will be hitting stores in 2018: Cherry Cola, Kettle Corn and Piña Colada Oreo Thins? Personally, I’m old-school when it comes to my Oreo fandom—I prefer the original, but I can appreciate the Double Stuf too.