‘Blackish’ Star Tracee Ellis Ross Is Launching Her Own Clothing Line

To the ever-growing list of celebrities who have their own clothing lines, you can now add Tracee Ellis Ross. The “Blackish” star has partnered with JCPenney for a limited-edition holiday-themed collection. The line includes women’s apparel, accessories and home decor.

In addition to being super-cute, the pieces are also affordable, ranging from $9 to $75. The clothing items are available in sizes small to 3X, and Ross said that inclusivity was a big priority for her when designing the collection.

“Feeling great and looking great should be accessible to everyone and should be affordable,” she told WWD. “It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look incredible. It was very important to me to have considered a diverse group of women.”


Although this is Ross’ first stab at designing her own pieces, she’s no stranger to the fashion world.

When asked about the origins of her penchant for all things beauty, style and well-being in an interview for the Los Angeles Times, Ross had this to say: “I think I came out of the womb this way. I think I came out ready to shop. I’ve always been into beauty in general. I don’t just mean like beauty products, I mean just beautiful things. I love beautiful fireworks. I love beautiful olive oil. I love beautiful trees. I love beautiful flowers. That’s always been my thing. Also, after college I worked at New York Magazine in the fashion department and at Mirabella as a contributing editor.”


As the daughter of Diana Ross, a huge style icon in her own right, many are quick to assume that the passion for fashion is genetic, but the actress says that’s not exactly the case.

“And so with style, it’s funny because people say, of course, your mom’s Diana Ross, but I have to say, not that my siblings don’t love style, but me and my brother Evan are the only ones who got it to this extent. It’s one of the ways I express myself creatively,” she explains.




Wherever she got it, we’re glad she did, because her pieces look awesome! The collection will be available at JCPenney stores and online at jcpenney.com beginning Nov. 12.