Your New Favorite Bling? Boozy Rock Candy On A Ring Pop

When I was growing up, ring pops were the ultimate candy: a sweet treat and a fashion accessory. What more could you ask for? In fact, at my bachelorette party a few years ago, all of my friends rocked green ring pops to match my emerald engagement ring. We must have been on to something, because now one candy company is taking the idea of adult ring pops to the next level. Sweet Saba, a luxury candy store in New York City, has a Campari on the Rocks cocktail ring.

Sweet Saba

Yep, it’s a ring made of candy — just like a ring pop. But unlike the childhood classic, this adult version is flavored with Campari, a bitter Italian liqueur. While it does have the flavor of the alcoholic beverage, the candy doesn’t actually contain any alcohol content because it cooks off while the candy is being made.

The Campari on the Rocks cocktail ring makes the perfect classy garnish for a cocktail, but it’s also great for rocking as an edible fashion accessory. And, it’s a little more chic than the brightly-colored ones you used to wear back in the day. This version is made of several long crystals and comes in the same dark shade of red as the liqueur from which it’s made.

Plus the hand-sculpted candy pieces sit on an adjustable silver setting. Fancy!

Sweet Saba

If you want to get one of these gorgeous ring pops on your finger ASAP (or buy for someone else — remember, the holidays are coming!), they are available for purchase through Sweet Saba’s website for $62.
Even better? The company will donate 10 percent of proceeds from each ring boozy pop sold to City Harvest, a nonprofit that takes excess food from restaurants and retailers and distributes it to people in need. Sounds like a win-win!