Can You Spot The Third Person In This Photo?

Take a close look at the photo above. It’s clear that two people, possibly a couple, are in the photo looking out over what seems to be a lake. But do you see a third person?

At first glance, you see two people who appear to be standing on the shore staring out into the peaceful abyss, with not a soul in sight. But if you look closer, someone else can be seen.

A third person is hiding in plain sight!
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Have you figured it out yet? If not, we’ll give you a hint… look closely at the tree branches.

Does something seem a little off to you?


Still stumped?

It’s a baby! A baby is hiding in plain sight among the tree branches! Once you see it, it’s hard to not see the baby in the trees.


The baby fits so perfectly between the branches, it almost looks like the baby was intentionally drawn into the photo. This of course is an optical illusion, but regardless it’s still fascinating!

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[h/t: Tip Hero]