Check Out This Impressive Super Mario-Themed LEGO Aquarium

Whether or not you are a Super Mario Bros. fan, prepare for this Super Mario-themed aquarium made from LEGOs to wow you.

This aquarium was created by graphic designer Kelsey Kronmiller and showcased on her blog, The Pixelist.

The theme is based on Super Mario Bros. World 8-1, and includes two castles for the fish to swim through, spray painted pvc pipes, a staircase and a flag. Kronmiller used a paper backdrop to pull the whole thing together. She purchased the LEGOs by the cup, and in total, used eight large and four small cups-worth.

The Pixelist

Kronmiller was inspired by a tank she saw a few years back. Since she didn’t have the space for it then she spent this time dreaming up her ideas for the tank.

If you have plans of designing your own, take a minute to understand what you are getting into. Kronmiller had to delicately line each of LEGO piecs with vinly strips to make them look like bricks in a castle.

The Pixelist

She meticulously cut out each of the 100 vinyl clouds that line the top of the tank.

The Pixelist

If you plan to create your own DIY version, nothing says it has to be quite so complex. You could help your kids design a new LEGO structure for your tank. Or spend an afternoon creating your own special feature for the fish to enjoy. This is a great way to give an aquarium your own personal touch. Once you see your personal creations in action, you’re sure to be inspired to keep building.

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