This Chili Cheese Dog Bake Will Liven Up Your Dinner Table In No Time

Does your dinner routine ever fall into a rut? It happens to most of us at one point or another. The tried-and-true meals your family loves eventually become boring.

Take hot dogs, for example. The kids may love them (OK, so do adults), but even with condiments, dropping a boiled hot dog into a bun gets old after a while. But, how about trying a recipe that puts a fantastic, flaky twist on the classic hot dog? Say hello to the chili cheese dog bake!

This recipe brings together two game day classics — hot dogs and chili — into one kickin’ casserole. There are a variety of ways to whip up this dish, but here are a few of the easiest and best ways to make this meal a new regular in your rotation.

The cooks over at found a few amazing shortcuts to create their chili cheese dog bake. By using premade chili, refrigerated pizza dough and individually wrapped cheese sticks, this casserole comes together quickly but doesn’t take any shortcuts in taste.

And the best part? Once all of the prep work is done, the dish only requires about 20 to 25 minutes of baking — which means you and your family won’t have to wait too long before digging in!

Christina W. shares her recipe for a chili cheese Crescent hot dog bake on Key Ingredient. She replaced the pizza crust with refrigerated Pillsbury Crescent rolls to get a lighter, flakier blanket around the hot dogs, which are baked in a bed of chili. A little bit of melted butter infused with garlic takes this dish to a whole new level of golden-brown goodness!

Key Ingredient

This last recipe adaptation, from General Mills’ Tablespoon, transforms the dish into a bubble-up casserole. The cooks decided to cut up the hot dogs into bite-size pieces first. Then, they added the chili, shredded cheese and cut-up pieces of Grands biscuits to make this comfort food classic.


Any of these recipes will make your family dinner or game night an absolute winner!

Will you try making one of these chili cheese dog recipes?