Chocolate Butter Exists, And Here Are All The Ways We Want To Eat It

Chocolate and butter are two of the best creations this world has to offer. So what would happen if you combined the two? Um, utter and total joy, no doubt!


Yes, chocolate butter is a thing. As Refinery29 explains, a New Zealand-based dairy company named Lewis Road Creamery is wowing the food world with their new chocolate butter. I mean, just look at the stuff:

If this doesn’t have you racing to the grocery store, well, we don’t know what will!

Except… there is some bad news, guys. The product is currently only available in New Zealand. Yes, yes. We’re sorry. We know.


But, here’s the good news! You can make your own chocolate butter at home. It’s actually quite simple.

How To Make It At Home

This recipe from explains the steps quite simply. Essentially, all you need to do is cream together some softened butter, cocoa powder, vanilla and powdered sugar. Heavenly!

What To Eat It With

Now that you know how to make the stuff, how should you serve it? (Other than directly from the jar with your finger, of course). There are so many great options. Use it on toast for a sweet, holiday-appropriate breakfast. (Top with cinnamon sugar if you’re feeling extra naughty).

Or you could serve it on top of warm waffles with syrup and fresh fruit. Same goes for pancakes or crepes (Nutella-style).

It’s also great with toasted crackers or to dip fruit in. Because, c’mon, what fruit isn’t better with a little chocolate on top!

Gift It

We also think that chocolate butter would make a sweet and special holiday gift. Make a big batch, and then put it in decorative jars with ribbons or other festive decorations. Give it to everyone you know and love. Spread the holiday cheer and become the most-beloved person in town. And then go home and eat the leftovers straight out of the jar.