There’s Finally A Mess-Free Way To Color Easter Eggs

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Dyeing Easter eggs creates long-lasting memories, but anyone who has done it before knows it also creates a hassle. From purchasing all the supplies you need to cleaning the stains off your child’s hands and clothes, it’s not a simple task. There’s also the chance of your kid drinking the colored water (speaking from experience here).

Yes, dyed Easter eggs always turn out so pretty and your little one has tons of fun. But when it’s time for clean up, it hardly seems worth it. There’s a nifty product, however, that can help your family color your eggs without all the mess.

The EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit is essentially an egg holder and spinner which comes with dark green, purple, orange, pink, blue, yellow, red and light green markers.

To get started, you put a hard-boiled egg into the machine, which holds it in place as it spins. Your child then holds a marker onto the egg as it twirls to create stripes, lines or other designs.

Check out the Eggmazing in action here:

The eight non-toxic markers are much easier to clean up than the standard food coloring that you’re used to using. Plus, the markers are quick-drying, meaning your child can decorate an egg and quickly move on to the next.

The Eggmazing was first seen on the show “Shark Tank” and is available at Amazon, Walmart and Toys R Us. It retails for $29.99, but you may be able to buy one for less if it’s in stock at your nearest Toys R Us liquidation sale.

According to the company, which also makes a Christmas tree ornament decorating kit, there are no other products on the market similar to the EggMazing Egg Decorator. There are, however, other mess-free solutions you could test if you’re looking for something using products you may already have around the house.


Happy Easter!
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The blog A Thifty Mom suggested squeezing drops of food coloring onto dry rice in a small bowl, then adding your egg. Pop a lid onto the bowl and then twirl or shake it to move the food coloring around. Just don’t shake it too hard — you might crack the egg!

You could also use other markers on your eggs, if you don’t plan on eating them. Brightly-colored Sharpies would likely work well if you’re just looking for pretty eggs you don’t plan on consuming.

Have you found any other ways to dye Easter eggs without making a mess? Let us know in the comments!