Companies Are Now Offering “Paw-Ternity” For New Pet Owners

As someone who just went through the process of getting a new puppy, it can be pretty tough leaving little guy in the morning and going to work.  I felt so bad leaving our little pup at home for the day.

I was lucky enough where I could go home at lunch to check-in, take him outside and give him a little love, but it was still tough to leave.

Apparently, I’m not alone in this struggle. Some companies in Britain are now offering paid leave so you can spend more time with your new furry friend.

According to USA Today, companies are offering between a few hours and a few months of paid time off so you can care for your new pet.

One such company called BitSol Systems, located in Manchester, is allowing new owners to take a week of paid time off.

Greg Buchanan, the owner of the company, felt it was important to spend time with your new family member and make sure he or she is properly welcomed into the home. Buchanan took a week off with his new dog and he says, “My dog is now better for it.”

Now Buchanan did draw the line on the type of pets that qualify for “pet-ternity.”  Unfortunately, hermit crabs and goldfish don’t get special treatment. He said it’s a case-by-case basis.

So here’s hoping that this new policy becomes more mainstream and makes it way over to the U.S.  We know all the pet owners out there will be anxiously waiting.

[h/t: USA Today]