Company Makes Counters, Tables And Desks That Look Like Waves Crashing On Sand

Unless you’re an interior design guru, it’s tough to get too excited about countertop surfaces. But one company has designed a unique style of countertop that would get anyone pumped to do some work in the kitchen.

Live Edge Slabs LLC is a small firm with locations in Florida and Texas that specializes in creating tables, countertops, desks and other surfaces with live wooden edges for a vibrant look.

A countertop design the company recently showed off on its Facebook page can best be described as a unique creation that borders on a functional work of art.

The company said that a family named the Taylors trusted its designers to create a one-of-a-kind countertop surface for their in-home bar. The bar’s theme was the ocean, so Live Edge Slabs created a surface that looked just like a shoreline, using wood and epoxy.

The photos have earned thousands of likes, comments and shares since they were posted in July 2020.

The popularity of the design obviously sent other customers to the company looking for something similar, as you can tell from more recent social media posts. In December 2020, Live Edge Slabs posted some looks at a wooden table it had created for a customer with another ocean beach surface on its top.

The natural wood grain that’s a signature of all of the firm’s work is beautiful enough as it is, but it’s the faux water that elevates this from a common piece of furniture. The detail is incredible, as you can see ripples in the waves and what looks like different layers of depth at it gets farther from the shoreline.

Even more recently, on June 10, Live Edge Slabs shared a photo of an even bigger table it designed for a customer in Florida. The six-seater dining room table has the beachfront look that has quickly become a favorite for the company’s clients.

That is one table that I’d definitely be using a coaster on!