Attention, Sweet Tooths: This French Cottage Is Made Entirely Out Of Chocolate

Calling all wannabe Willy Wonkas!

There’s a cottage in Sèvres, France, on the outskirts of Paris, that is made of 1.5 tons of chocolate, and some of the interior is even edible. The Chocolate Cottage is 194-square feet and can sleep four people. Although the roof, walls, wardrobe and bookcase are technically edible, the fine print of the listing indicates that “guests must not damage (or eat!) the accommodation.”

But fear not, it adds: “Lots of chocolate snacks will be provided.”

Built inside the Museé de Sèvres, the cottage is encased within another home made of glass, which is how it doesn’t melt into a puddle of chocolate sauce. It was designed and made by chocolate artisan Jean-Luc Decluzeau in collaboration with, and it seems like this guy really knows what he’s doing with the sweet stuff.

In edition to chocolate treats, guests are treated to a workshop taught by Decluzeau on how to create their own mini chocolate homes — so we’re guessing they’re able to munch on the fruits of their labor to get their chocolate fix as well.

Guests also get complimentary breakfast and dinner, served in the cottage’s chocolate-made flower garden, next to the chocolate-made duck pond. (Presumably minus real-life ducks.) Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the premises, so guests seeking a buzz will have to rely on the sugar high. The home does not have a bathroom, but the listing indicates that one will be available nearby.

“I never thought I’d have the opportunity to build a life-size Chocolate Cottage for travelers to sleep in,” Decluzeau said in a press release. On behalf of all us, we’re quite glad that he got the chance!

Unfortunately, this sweet-smelling vacation home is temporarily unavailable for rental, as it is booked. However, curious visitors can eventually visit the Chocolate Cottage when it moves to the Museé du Chocolat, or Choco Story, in Paris.