9 Easy DIY Easter Nail Art Ideas

Sometimes, the most fun part about a holiday is choosing seasonally-appropriate nail art. And Easter, which is coming on Sunday, April 1, is the perfect time to break out your pastel nail polishes and learn how to paint bunnies, chicks and even carrots on your nails!

Without further ado, here are nine easy DIY Easter nail art ideas you can try this year:

1. Spring Bunny Nails

I love this tutorial from HannahRoxNails, because most of these designs would work just as well for spring as they would for Easter — meaning you don’t have to wipe off all of your hard work as soon as Easter Sunday ends. You could simply swap out the cute little Easter bunny for another pastel chevron design and voila! Your mani is perfect for the rest of spring.

2. Easter Ombré Nails

This tutorial from Hannah Weir proves that Easter nails don’t have to be cutesy or overly sweet. For her second nail in this tutorial, she shows how to do an ombré nail using three different colored polishes and a makeup sponge. The result is sophisticated yet seasonal.

3. Zig Zag Easter Nails

Worried that you don’t have the skills needed to make such beautiful creations? Never fear. This tutorial from Nails by Miri makes it simple for even nail novices to bang out awesome Easter nails. With nothing other than zig zag tape, Miri will show you how to make glam, eye-catching nail designs that are perfect for the Easter Bunny’s big day.

4. Pastel Easter Clouds

I love this tutorial from Deborah Milano because her pastel cloud design is so utterly gorgeous and Easter appropriate, without relying on bunnies or carrots. This would be the perfect option for someone who wants seasonal nails but still needs to keep it professional.

5. Speckled Easter Egg Nails

Nothing says Easter quite like Cadbury Mini Eggs! These chocolate treats are delicious, but they are almost too gorgeous too eat. Now you don’t have to, as this tutorial from Hannah Weir will show you how to turn your nails into the most beautiful speckled robin’s egg design. Bonus: It’s actually super easy!

6. Fuzzy Bunny Easter Nails

This adorable tutorial from JauntyJuli is simply breathtaking! These 3D nail creations not only look like Easter bunnies, they FEEL like Easter bunnies. Wow. This woman is truly an artist!

7. Easter Bunny Butts

What’s cuter than a fluffy bunny butt? How about 10 fluffy bunny butts on your nails!? Make it a reality with this tutorial from JauntyJuli.

8. Subtle Spring Nails

If you want something a little more subtle and professional, don’t worry. You can still enjoy a spring nail trend, even if you can’t go painting bunny butts on your claws. Check out this daisy-inspired tutorial for subtle spring nails from JauntyJuli that looks like an elevated French mani.

9. Rose Gold Metallic Easter Egg Nails

I never get tired of metallic for manis, and this tutorial from JauntyJuli will help you stay on trend while still rocking a gorgeous, seasonal set of Easter nails. Love!

Do you have a favorite nail artist on YouTube who you rely on for fresh ideas? Let us know in the comments!