This Easy Greek Lemon Chicken And Potato Bake Will Become One Of Your Weeknight Staples

Looking for a one-pan meal that is fresh and flavorful yet feels decadent enough for a special dinner? Consider this Greek lemon chicken bake from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook, which comes together with a few simple ingredients and very little prep work to create a hearty wintertime meal.

To make this one-pan dish, you first need to buy a small, whole chicken, and slice the chicken along the backbone or use kitchen shears to carefully cut the bird in half. Once your bird is prepared, set it in a pan and season it with simple, whole ingredients like garlic, onion and lemons. Next, cut and quarter small potatoes like red or yellow potatoes.

Then, simply let the chicken and potatoes roast together for about an hour and 15 minutes, and while it’s cooking, you can make a fresh green salad to go with it or pair it with crusty rolls.

There are many variations on this recipe if you’re craving roasted chicken and potatoes. If you are looking for something spicy, you might try this roast chipotle chicken and potatoes from Mashup Mom.

Mashup Mom

This recipe uses chipotles in adobo sauce and smoked paprika to bring a lot of heat to the roasted chicken and potatoes.

Laughing Spatula gives another unique twist to a chicken and potato bake by including andouille sausage, red pepper flakes and lots of red onion. Yum!

Laughing Spatula

Don’t want to break down a chicken? No problem, you can roast it whole. Check out this easy recipe from CafeDelites for garlic herb butter roast chicken.

Cafe Delites

So, who’s roasting some chicken for dinner tonight?