‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Actress Ellen Pompeo Welcomes Her Third Child

Actress Ellen Pompeo and her music producer husband, Chris Ivery, are now the parents of three.

Their oldest daughter, Stella Luna is 7 years old, while Sienna May, next in line, is just 2.

The “Grey’s Anatomy” star posted a snap of the two men in her life to Instagram, and she even revealed the baby’s name in the caption. World, meet Eli Christopher.


Eli is sleeping soundly in his father’s arms in the photograph. Apparenly, Pompeo’s husband better watch out because the caption also revealed that little Eli is “the new guy” in her life.

“Chris Ivery just fell a notch.. I’ve got a new guy,” she wrote. And no one could blame her for falling absolutely in love with him. He is adorable, after all.

According to USA Today, a rep did confirm the birth of Eli, but an exact birth date hasn’t been released.

People magazine points out that the couple is very good at keeping this kind of thing under wraps. They were able to keep the birth of Sienna a secret until two months after she was born via surrogate, according to the publication.


A rep told people that the new family of five is “doing great,” and that is what’s most important.

And even though she does it in her own time, we’re lucky that Pompeo decided to share the news of her baby with fans. This little one was far too adorable to keep under wraps. Although, there is an adjustment period when making room for a new baby in your family.


We hope that the family has a smooth adjustment to becoming a family of five. Pompeo opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about Stella adjusting to sister Sienna’s arrival.

“She liked her at first,” she said. “After three months, she was like, ‘Is she leaving?’”

That sounds about right.


[h/t: USA Today]