Hilarious Mom Sums Up Motherhood In Video Filmed While Hiding In Pantry

Taking care of little ones all day is no joke. By the time evening rolls around, your nerves are frayed, your patience is wearing thin, and you just want to drown your sorrows in chocolate, bad TV and wine.

One mom knows the struggle all too well. As the mother to quadruplets (two sets of identical twins), Ashley Gardner is well acquainted with the exhaustion and stress that can come with raising toddlers. So when she needed a break from her sweet kiddos (Indie, Esme, Scarlett, Evie) she did what any sane person would do—she hid in the pantry and enjoyed a handful of candy.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/CHWMIAaUj1M”/]

The hilarious video shows the young mom sneaking away for a sugary treat while her little girls try and peek under the door. It’s a pitch-perfect example of what life is like for parents of young children: You have to take any small chance you can get to enjoy a rare moment of solitude. . .and a little candy! Every parent out there definitely knows this feeling (who among us hasn’t taken a quick “candy break” while the little ones are distracted?).

Here are the little Gardner girls. Adorable, aren’t they?


The story behind their conception is miraculous. The Gardners struggled with infertility for eight years before becoming pregnant with quadruplets via in vitro fertilization. Ashley and her husband, Tyson, credit their strength to their faith and their tight-knit family (and their sweet dog Bentley, their first “child”).


Ashley had a very high-risk pregnancy, as carrying quadruplets can lead to complications, even with modern medical advances. However, all four of her babies were born healthy. Now, Ashley and Tyson have their hands full (and their hearts!) with these two sets of identical twins.


Caring for one baby is hard enough, but four? We’ve got to give major applause to Ashley for keeping it altogether (and looking beautiful to boot). You deserve those Twizzlers, girl! Enjoy.