A Giant, Semi-Nude Statue Of Jeff Goldblum Suddenly Appeared In London

England is crawling with heartthrobs, from Hugh Grant to Idris Elba to Prince Harry (off the market) to Prince Harry’s hot cousin (still on the market!). It can be tricky, though, to see any of these gentlemen in the flesh. (Try as we might, the guards at Kensington Palace won’t let us through the gates.)

So it’s no surprise that a London park is currently displaying a 25-foot statue of American actor/noted hunk Jeff Goldblum for all to gaze upon and admire.

And did we mention Goldblum is shirtless in the statue?

Well, partially shirtless. The statue depicts Goldblum’s “Jurassic Park” character, Dr. Ian Malcolm (hence its Jurassic-sized proportions), reclined, his shirt unbuttoned and chest hair on display, as it was in that classic scene from the movie.

#JurassicJeff sits in Potters Field Park, near the Tower of London bridge, and you can walk right up and take selfies.

Just keep it PG, people. It is a public park.

This eye candy weighs 330 pounds and took six weeks to construct, according to a press release.

If you’re a little confused right now, this is the iconic moment that the statue memorializes:


Want more where that came from?

A considerably grayer and more-clothed Goldblum reprises his role as Malcolm in the latest film, “Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom,” which is in theaters now.

As of yet, Goldblum has not responded publicly to this uniquely sexy publicity stunt from the UK’s Now TV. In an interview earlier this year, though, the actor said of these famous shirtless images, “I admire them myself. It’s great, the human body is beautiful in all ways.”


This installation is temporary — you have until July 19 to see Jurassic Jeff in the flesh. (There’s still time to hop a flight to London. I’m just saying.)

People seem to be enjoying it while it lasts:

So, thanks, Now TV! We appreciate remembering “Jurassic Park”‘s 25th anniversary in this way — as opposed to, say, a statue of a T-rex eating a goat.