These LEGO Sculptures Make Shadows That Will Pretty Much Blow Your Mind

“Perspective matters.”

So concludes the artist statement on artist and scientist John V. Muntean’s website. Once you see his works of art, you’ll understand what he means.

Muntean makes “Magic Angle” sculptures out of wood (and, more recently, LEGOs) that look like cool abstract art. The big reveal happens when light hits the sculptures, however. The genius of Muntean’s artwork, you see, lies in its shadows.

Check out the LEGO sculpture in the video below, for example. Based on the angle, its shadows look like a butterfly, a jet and a dragon. Three shadows made from one mass of LEGOs. It’s pretty amazing.

In another creation, Muntean’s made a LEGO sculpture that looks like a knight on a horse, a mermaid and a pirate ship, depending on the angle of the light.

Muntean has Ph.D. in Chemistry and works as a spectroscopist (a spectroscope is an instrument used to measure properties of light) when he’s not using thousands of LEGOs to make art. It was his spectroscopy-focused thesis that first gave him the idea for his Magic Angle sculptures.

Perspective matters indeed, and thanks for broadening ours, Mr. Muntean!

[h/t Bored Panda]