Johnny Depp Just Had Quite The Surprise For Disneyland Guests

Riders weren’t seeing things when they thought Disneyland’s Captain Jack Sparrow animatronic on Pirates of the Caribbean looked more real than usual. In fact, Johnny Depp decided to take a trip to the theme park and dress up as the movie character.

Fans Delighted By Johnny Depp’s Appearance

On Wednesday, April 26, riders got on board the Pirates of the Caribbean boat expecting a fun time and a few laughs. Little did they know they’d encounter a superstar.

Listen to these riders’ shocked reactions during their time on the attraction.

This one has to have the best reaction of all, though! Totally shocked!

Following his “appearance” in the attraction, Depp (oops, we mean Captain Jack) stepped up to the patio outside to greet fans.

He drew quite the crowd, as you can imagine. Screaming fans quickly gathered outside the ride to catch a glimpse of the star.

New ‘Pirates’ Movie Premiering Soon

Depp’s Disneyland visit as Captain Jack Sparrow comes just weeks before the latest movie in the “Pirates” series is set to debut. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” hits movie theaters on May 26 in the U.S. It is the fifth installment of the series, which is based on the popular attraction. In fact, Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

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Not Depp’s First Time Surprising Fans

Depp must love playing Captain Jack because this is not the first time he’s pulled off a surprise like this.

In 2015, he crashed the Disney’s D23 Fan Expo dressed as the pirate captain.

He’s also taken time out of his schedule to stop by hospitals to visit sick children. In full costume, Depp makes rounds to see the kids, posing for pictures, videos and just to chat.

This video is probably one of our all-time favorites. This visit happened in Australia as part of a kid’s TV show. That young lady had no idea what was around that corner!