Julia Roberts And James Corden Act Out Her Entire Film Career In One Hilarious Video

Julie Roberts is one of the most accomplished and prolific actresses of her generation. With a career in the entertainment industry spanning three decades, you’d think it would be difficult to pick out her best roles—let alone condense her life’s work into a mere 10 minutes. But that’s exactly what the star and host James Corden did on recent episode of his show, “The Late Late Show.”

Roberts was there to promote her latest flick, “Wonder,” set to debut in November. She and Corden managed to capture some of the most memorable moments from her 30 years in Tinsel Town, acting out scenes from many of her most iconic and beloved films, including “Steel Magnolias,” “Runaway Bride,” “Pretty Woman,” “Mystic Pizza,” “Eat Pray Love,” “Stepmom” and “Pelican Brief,” among several others.

The two ended the epic performance with a duet of Dionne Warwick’s “I Say A Little Prayer,” which featured prominently in Roberts’ 1997 hit, “My Best Friend’s Wedding.”

Corden and Roberts seem to have a lot of fun with the whole thing, at times breaking into fits of laughter. They don some amazing wigs to pull off their roles, and are aided by a number of silly props.

While it’s great to see Julia doing Julia, fellow actress Amy Landecker (“Transparent”) revealed in an appearance on “The Late Late Show” that she has actually worked as a voice double for Roberts. Commonly referred to as “audio dialogue replacement” in the industry, it is used when a line needs to be changed or rerecorded due to audio quality in a movie after the original scene has been filmed. Corden asks Landecker to recite one of Roberts’ most famous lines from “Pretty Woman”: “You guys work on commission, right? Big mistake. Huge.” We have to say—she pretty much nails it! Watch the clip below:

What a great look back at Roberts’ illustrious career. Here’s to many more great movies with her as the leading lady!