Which last name is most popular in your state?

It seems like we all know someone who is a Smith or Johnson, and that’s because those last names, along with Williams, Miller, Jones and Anderson are the most popular surnames in the United States, according to genealogy site Ancestry.com.

The site used data from phone book listings to compile their list, shown below. The regional differences are quite interesting, as they reflect the demographics and immigration history of each state. For example, in the Southwest, Latino names are common, whereas in the Midwest, German and Scandinavian names are more popular.

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Hawaii’s top names are unique in their own way, too, as none of their top three names — Kim, Wong and Lee — crack the top three in any other state. And Massachusetts, with its large Irish population, is the only state with the surname Sullivan in its top three, writes Ancestry.com blogger Angel Cohn.

Check out Ancestry.com’s full list of the three most common surnames in each state:

Alabama Smith Williams Johnson
Alaska Smith Johnson Williams
Arizona Smith Johnson Garcia
Arkansas Smith Williams Johnson
California Garcia Hernandez Lopez
Colorado Smith Johnson Martinez
Connecticut Smith Johnson Brown
Delaware Smith Johnson Brown
Florida Smith Williams Johnson
Georgia Smith Williams Johnson
Hawaii Lee Wong Kim
Idaho Smith Johnson Anderson
Illinois Smith Johnson Williams
Indiana Smith Miller Johnson
Iowa Smith Williams Johnson
Kansas Smith Johnson Miller
Kentucky Smith Johnson Jones
Louisiana Williams Smith Johnson
Maine Smith Brown Johnson
Maryland Smith Johnson Jones
Massachusetts Smith Johnson Sullivan
Michigan Smith Johnson Williams
Minnesota Johnson Anderson Nelson
Mississippi Smith Williams Johnson
Missouri Smith Johnson Williams
Montana Smith Johnson Anderson
Nebraska Johnson Smith Miller
Nevada Smith Johnson Garcia
New Hampshire Smith Brown Johnson
New Jersey Smith Williams Johnson
New Mexico Martinez Garcia Chavez
New York Smith Williams Brown
North Carolina Smith Williams Johnson
North Dakota Johnson Anderson Olson
Ohio Smith Miller Johnson
Oklahoma Smith Johnson Williams
Oregon Smith Johnson Miller
Pennsylvania Smith Miller Williams
Rhode Island Smith Brown Johnson
South Carolina Smith Williams Brown
South Dakota Johnson Anderson Smith
Tennessee Smith Johnson Jones
Texas Garcia Smith Martinez
Utah Smith Johnson Anderson
Vermont Smith Brown Johnson
Virginia Smith Johnson Jones
Washington Smith Johnson Anderson
West Virginia Smith Miller Johnson
Wisconsin Johnson Smith Anderson
Wyoming Smith Johnson Miller

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Do you know a lot of people with the most popular last name in your state?

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