Luke Bryan’s Wife Shared Funny Advice For A Successful Marriage

There’s no denying that marriage takes a lot of work. Matrimony is not just about making a commitment to each other, it’s also about promising to always improve your relationship, even through difficult times.

Want your partnership to last? Caroline Bryan, the wife of country music star Luke Bryan, says there are two keys to a happy union: Always find things to laugh about and sometimes pretend you can’t hear anything.

Caroline, who’s been with the singer for two decades, shared her hilarious relationship tips in a recent Instagram post. Check it out below:

“2 tips for a successful marriage: Have a sense of humor and selective hearing,” the mom of five captioned her post. She added, “Many days I swear Luke needs a hearing aid.”

It’s safe to say that all couples should heed her marriage advice. After all, Caroline and Luke have been hitched for more than 10 years, so clearly her tips work!

But Caroline’s advice for a rewarding relationship wasn’t the only hilarious part of her Instagram post. The Georgia native also shared a funny photo of the couple on vacation for a friend’s wedding. In it, Caroline is giving some side-eye to the camera and sipping on a drink.

It seems Caroline takes “sense of humor” to heart!

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Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

Of course, the college sweethearts know that making a marriage work takes more than selective hearing and a sense of humor — though those are surely important. Unwavering support and gratitude will also go far in helping a partnership last.

Case in point: When Luke started out his country music career, Caroline was the financial rock. “When we got married, her career supported me when I was making about $10,000 a year,” the “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye” singer said during an appearance on a recent episode of  “Pickler & Ben,” according to People. “She was the one bringing in the dough.”

More than a decade later, the couple is still going strong.