You Can Now Make Your Own Ring Pops With These Molds

Ring pops don’t have to be something you just remember fondly from the ’90s. Now, you can make your own ring pops right at home, whenever you want. So, the ’90s are back and better than ever.

The Koji Ring Popsicle Mold is available at Target and has space for eight jewel and heart-shaped ring pops that you can share with seven of your friends or wear all at once if you don’t feel like sharing. They can be fun for the entire family and they make a great addition to birthday parties, bachelorette parties, etc.

The silicon molds will help you create popsicles once placed in your freezer, but you could also use the molds to hold pudding, chocolate or even your own homemade candy mixture.

The wearable rings are easy to wash and reuse time after time, and the entire set is currently on sale at Target. It’s marked down 30% and available for just $9.99:


Based on the reviews posted to the Target website, people love how easy the mold is to use and clean.

The reviews also indicate just how versatile the mold is. One review pointed out that this mold makes the perfect-sized popsicles to use as teething instruments for babies, and it’s fun for older kids, too:

“I purchased this to make teething pops for my baby,” the review stated. “After freezing, they didn’t get stuck because of the easy to remove design. My older kids took over it though and made their own juice pops.”


Another parent pointed out how fun these ring pops can be as an after-dinner treat:

“The rings come out perfectly every time. Easy to clean. I fill it with a smoothie blend of fruit, yogurt, and milk so there’s zero guilt in serving dessert.”

While these can easily be pulled from the freezer and served ice-cold, it could be fun to re-create your childhood by making some hard candy, just like the ring pops you know and love.

If that’s the route you’d like to go, this video from the FunFoods YouTube channel will show you how it’s done:

Whether you’re using these molds to create icy treats this summer or as a way to re-create classic candies you love, they’re sure to provide plenty of fun and deliciousness for your family!