A Museum Of Candy Is Opening In New York City This Summer

New York City already boasts some of the best museums in the world and this summer, the city will get one more when a new attraction called the Museum of Candy opens. Get your sweet tooth primed, because Sugar Factory is behind the new museum!

The celeb-beloved candy shop and restaurant definitely knows their sweets and has a plan to rival the success of the Museum of Ice Cream, which is also located in NYC.

sugar factory photo
Getty Images | Mat Hayward

The museum will be in Limelight, a former church that was converted into nightclub and now is a shopping location called Limelight Marketplace.

The 30,000-square-foot museum will chronicle the history of the candy industry. “This unique location has the right amount of twists, curves and levels to convert our wild and crazy ideas. It’s an iconic location, well known to New Yorkers,” Sugar Factory founder Charissa Davidovici told the New York Post.


Sugar Snap

The museum’s 15 different experiential rooms will be jam-packed with sugar in every form imaginable. Sure to be a showstopper is the Gumdrop Room. This Instagram-worthy space will feature life-size candy displays. Additionally, you can try your hand at making your own candy.

Similarly, you can take a good look at the world’s largest gummy bear (and see how gummy bears are made!) and snap a photo with a candy unicorn.


And don’t worry — this is one museum where you can touch and taste. Included with the $15 to $25 admission fee will be candy and dessert tastings. If a sample isn’t enough, there will also be a cafe and dessert-only market.


In fact, the cafe will serve Sugar Factory’s famous menu, including the celeb-favorite 24-scoop King Kong Sundae and giant candy goblet cocktails.


Sugar Factory’s founder has high hopes for the sweet museum. And don’t worry, West Coat: Los Angeles will get its own Museum of Candy in 2019.

With a massive sugar rush like this, New Yorkers may truly never sleep. But if you can snap a photo with a candy unicorn, it’s all worth it.