This Job Pays $97,000 A Year And You Get To Visit Private Islands And Test Luxury Cars, Jets And Yachts

Listen up, job seekers: This could very well be the world’s greatest gig. Hush Hush, a luxury shopping marketplace that helps millionaires and billionaires shop for the most prestigious items from the world’s best brands, is looking for someone with supreme taste to spend a full year testing out supercars, yachts and private islands. And the best part? You get to do all that while getting paid a hefty salary to do so.

For about $97,000 annually, this lucky person will spend their days sampling and experiencing Hush Hush’s luxe products and destinations. He or she will review the products before they hit the marketplace for the real customers with the big bucks.

According to the job description, some of the most expensive items on the website include an $80 million French chateau, a $71 million jewel-encrusted watch and a $61 million superyacht. Just picture yourself on a yacht similar to the one in this Instagram picture posted by the company:

Rest assured, the luxury product tester will be surrounded by the best of the best. Their main job is to test these products for “style, comfort, performance and suitability for the site,” as well as write a report on every item.

While having quality taste is important, the position also requires a few other important skills. The job listing describes the perfect candidate as one who can “demonstrate a passion for travel, art and fashion, have a keen eye for detail and an appreciation of the ‘finer things in life.'”

The description also specifies that “candidates will be in direct contact with our trusted suppliers, so must also be discrete, sociable and eloquent.”

And rest assured, this job certainly won’t be boring. The role will involve working with a wide variety of products, including aircraft, cars, art, fashion, jewelry, furniture and more.

As an example, this Instagram post from Hush Hush features a private jet:

Hush Hush works with a wide array of clientele. For that reason, the company is also looking for applicants that demonstrate a willingness to learn and do so quickly.

Another major bonus? World travel! Who hasn’t fantasized about living a life of luxury and exploring the globe as an A-list celebrity would? Whoever nabs this gig, they’ll get to visit and review private islands and properties throughout the world.

If this sounds like your ideal lifestyle and you have the skills needed to work with Hush Hush’s suppliers, you can apply for the position here.