No-Sew Sock Snowmen Are The Best Way To Recycle Old White Socks

Who doesn’t love a festive DIY holiday project? Grinches, perhaps. But if you’re reading this article chances are you’re ready to get creative so, read on!

We all lose socks. It’s a fact. Well instead of throwing the solo socks away, why not turn them into super cute, easy-to-make snowmen?

These no-sew sock snowmen are filled with rice, making them good moisture absorbers as well as festive decor, points out blogger Handimania. Her step-by-step post also comes with a handy video tutorial, making this project simple to follow:

You’ll just need scissors, super glue, a terrycloth sock, pins, buttons, colorful scrap fabric, thread and rice to stuff the snowmen. She uses the extra fabric to craft a little scarf for him and creates a hat using excess sock parts. Using glue, she sticks the buttons on his belly, and finally uses pins to create a happy snowman face.

Darkroom and Dearly also has a fun, quick tutorial (only 10 minutes to make them!) on how to make no-sew sock snowmen that offers more crafting inspiration. This blogger advises using things like twine, bows and ribbons to accessorize these snowpeople. How cute are these slouchy beanies?

Darkroom and Dearly

If you’re looking to add new sock-buddies to your holiday crew, check out this no-sew sock Santa project from Easy Peasy and Fun. The concept is essentially the same. You take your sock, fill it with rice and tie the sock with a rubber band or two. You then separate the body and the head with another rubber band.

Easy Peasy and Fun

Once you have your body, you grab a fluffy red sock and, as this blogger says, “dress” your Santa! Using a terrycloth red sock, you can wrap him up however you want, glue a big beard to his face and use pins, googly eyes or sticker eyes to create his cheerful profile.

Who’s ready to get crafting?