Olive Garden’s New Lasagna Dip Looks Cheesy And Delicious

O lasagna, lasagna, wherefore art thou, lasagna?

Oh, there you are … as a dip?

Olive Garden has, once again, decided to try something really wild and turn everyone’s favorite multilayered pasta dish into a bowl of cheesy, delicious goodness.

The popular Italian eatery has created a new lasagna dip that deconstructs the classic dish into an impressive appetizer. And you don’t have to wait long to try it because Olive Garden added the dip to its restaurant and catering menus nationwide on Tuesday.

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What is a lasagna dip, exactly? Well, you’ll find layers of cheese and homemade meat sauce topped with smoked mozzarella that’s baked into a melty, cheesy, saucy masterpiece in a bowl. But that’s not all: You’re also be served a side of housemade pasta chips that are tossed with garlic salt and parmesan because, let’s be honest, tortilla or pita chips couldn’t handle all the intensity of this appetizer.

Of course, people have feelings about Olive Garden’s new lasagna dip. One Twitter user, @Tweetcherchef, sees the appetizer as a sign of glorious things to come.

Another user, @FitzMadrid, may even reconsider his relationship with the Italian-American food chain because of its lasagna dip.


The new dip isn’t the first time Olive Garden has toyed with lasagna. Earlier this year, the restaurant introduced Loaded Pasta Chips, which was basically an order of lasagna nachos. That appetizer features layers of lightly fried pasta chips topped with a rich meat sauce, Italian cheeses, cherry peppers and an Alfredo drizzle.

But don’t expect lasagna dip to stick around too long because Olive Garden plans to keep its latest pasta-based appetizer on the menu only through the end of January, according to Bustle. So hurry to your nearest Olive Garden location, throw down $8.49 for the dish and indulge in its hearty, gooey, calorie-loaded deliciousness.