Deer Photo Bombs Baby’s Photo Shoot – And It’s Adorable

What originally was supposed to be a newborn’s fall photo shoot, turned into something incredible. Megan Rion, owner of Imagine That Photography, was snapping Connor’s 1 month baby photos when a deer wandered into the frame, curious about the decorations and yummy smelling props.

Rion told CountryLiving, “We had the set up for baby Conner all fixed and we were trying to console him and get him into position while Maggie just strolled up behind us.”

Rion recognized the deer (named Maggie) because she was a rescue that had been released into the park. In fact, Maggie has made appearances in many of Rion’s photoshoots. See Imagine That’s Facebook page for the photos.

In an article by PopSugar, it was noted that Rion’s assistant encouraged the deer to step into view with an ear of corn.

Regardless, the resulting photo is quite special – what do you think?


Watch: A Marine Expected To Be Greeted By His Son In A Wheelchair, But Gets An Amazing Surprise

Is someone cutting onions around me? I can’t seem to stop these tears from welling up.

The young boy in the video is named Michael, and he has cerebral palsy. According to ViralNova, doctors said Michael would never walk. But while his father was deployed overseas, Michael became determined to walk when his father returned home.

And he did just that. It’s absolutely touching to see how proud Michael’s father is when he’s surprised by his son confidently walking towards him.

This video is a gentle reminder of how much we value our families and cherish monumental milestones like this.

Veteran’s Day is Wednesday, November 11, 2015. If you know someone who has served our country, please be sure to thank them for their service.

Answer: Can You Find The Panda Amongst The Skeletons?

Frustrated? This one is definitely a bit challenging because the panda blends in really well with the black & white skeletons.

OK, ready for a hint? The panda’s eyes, nose and mouth are slightly different then all the others. Take another look.

Still can’t find her? Her ears cannot be seen with her costume, because it’s covering them up.

And another hint: she’s in the lower half of the picture.


Alright, no more tricks, here’s the treat…scroll down..


Keep going…


A little farther…


There she is!


Ellen Makes ‘Cameron’ From ‘Modern Family’ Go Through Terrifying Haunted House

Ellen has done it again. Every year, she sends her executive producer, Andy Lassner, through a haunted house, and of course, she films it to share with the world.

This year, she sent Eric Stonestreet with Andy. Stonestreet plays “Cameron” on the hit TV series, Modern Family. 

Because the first round was such a hit (see video below), she decided to do it again. Their reactions are absolutely hilarious.

This 80-Year-Old’s Version Of Coldplay’s “Fix You” Will Bring You To Tears

Fred Knittle was a beloved member of the Young@Heart Chorus. In the video above, you can see him performing Coldplay’s “Fix You” in a British documentary. Sadly, Fred passed away a few years after this performance, but his cover of the song has stayed with us, now notching over 300,000 YouTube video views.

When you hear him sing the lyrics, “And the tears come streaming down your face / When you lose something you can’t replace / When you love someone, but it goes to waste,” it’s a chilling reminder that life is too short to not give everything and everyone in your life all that you’ve got.

What are you waiting for?

About Young@Heart

The Northhampton, MA singing group was founded in 1982 and is comprised of elders (currently their ages range from 73-89). According to the Y@H website, their mission is simple, “to present a unique and positive image of aging through the creation of originally staged musical and theater performances that incorporate songs not commonly sung by older Americans.”

And the songs they’ve sung! From Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, to Jimmi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna and Coldplay, they’ve made a name for themselves and pushed the limits of what society thinks the elderly can achieve.

And they have a new project: singing alongside prison inmates to help them curate relationships and form bonds with their peers. Watch the video here:

[h/t: A Plus]

80-Year-Old Proves Age Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Shredding On A Guitar

Watching this video is a little reminder to all of us that age can’t hold you back.

Bob Wood is an 80-year-old from Nashville, TN and apparently quite the guitar player. He stopped by British Audio in Nashville to play a few licks on a guitar and boy did he impress.

Props to Bob for showing that you can still rock-out regardless of age and giving us a little inspiration.