Watch This Experiment To See If Strangers Will Help A Child Being Bullied

It’s a growing problem in schools and institutions across our country: children being bullied by their peers. It’s been reported that over 3.2 million students are bullied each year.

I’m saddened to learn that because of incessant bullying, 1 in 10 students drop out of school annually.

When will it stop? And who can stop it? This video proves that anyone with a voice can help. Learn how you can do good at


This Is What A $31 Million Wedding Looks Like (PHOTOS)

If you thought Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s $12 million wedding was an absurd use of money, then this wedding is going to push you over the edge. According to Forbes, the Chinese actress, singer, and model Angela Yeung was married earlier this month with a ceremony that cost $31 million.

For a reference point, the average American wedding is $26,444 so that makes this wedding over 1,100 times more expensive.  And for another comparison, the royal wedding of William and Kate cost $34 million. So close, yet so far away.

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Angela Yeung is considered to be the Kim Kardashian of China but she actually spent almost 3 times more money than her American counterpart.

So how do you spend that much money on a wedding?  They did pre-ceremony pictures in Paris, had custom made gowns (yes that was plural gowns), a 2,000 person guest list, a 1.5 million dollar ring, rose filled rooms, and much more.

According to Forbes, the gown for the ceremony was absurd and featured “115 feet of ivory satin organza, and 165 feet of tulle…a 10-foot-long train, and nearly 100 hand-cut rose bouquets made of Chantilly lace.”

Here are a few pictures of the event:

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Let’s just hope they have some money left to help some people who are really in need.

Guys Hold A Fake Funeral For Their Friend Who Is Always With His New Girlfriend (PHOTOS)

We’ve all been there. You’ve got that one friend (guy or girl) who completely falls off the face of the earth when they start dating that “special” someone.

I guess it’s all part of life. Everyone has their own way of acting when they fall in love and some just want to spend every minute with their new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Here’s the story of Keiran Cable, a 20-year-old from South Wales, who recently fell in love and as a result left his group of friends in the past.  As reported by Daily Mail, Cable met Jess Ferguson about 18 months ago and since that first meeting he’s spent all of his time with his new love.

His friends weren’t liking that he basically vanished and they wanted to do something about it. So being a very creative group, they decided what would be more fitting than giving their buddy Cable a formal funeral.

About 50 of his friends told Cable they were going to watch the rugby world cup. But instead they wore black suits, rented a hearse, and created a coffin for their dear friend.

Best fake funeral ever, well done Keiran Cable

Posted by Ryan Mitchinson on Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cable played along and even jumped in the coffin to officially accept his new fate.

With all the jokes aside, I think this was a clever way to show a friend how much they care about him. And for the record, Kerian’s girlfriend, Jess, insists that he can hang out with he boys whenever he wants.

H/T:  Elite Daily

5,000 Years Of Makeup Trends In One Video

Lisa Eldridge might know makeup history better than anyone else. Using her deep knowledge on the subject she created an incredible video that captures all of the makeup and beauty trends since the beginning of time.

It’s pretty cool to see how different cultures used make-up over the years. I had no idea that Egyptians were the first to use makeup and that men also experimented with the “technology.”

Checkout Lisa’s website for a listing of all the products she used in the video (you know, in case you want to bring back that Victorian look).

What’s your favorite style and time period from the video?

This Genius Trick Will Help Guarantee The Best Thanksgiving Turkey

Do you get stressed about making that huge, onerous Thanksgiving feast for your family?  There’s always a lot of pressure to make the perfect meal. We’ve all been to that Thanksgiving dinner where they serve the dried out turkey. Don’t let that happen when you’re in charge.

Thankfully, in the video above CHOW’s Associate Editor, Roxanne Webber, gives you the perfect rundown packed with easy tricks to make the perfect turkey.

A few key takeaways:

  • Don’t add stuffing. It will dry out the turkey.
  • Place butter pieces under the skin. Mmmmm, butter.
  • Cook your bird breast side down. This really works, I’ve tried it.

UPDATE:   A lot of readers commented that they’ve had great success with brining their turkey.  We couldn’t agree more. Here’s Alton Brown’s video on how a brine works.  It’s a great way to keep that turkey moist.  Thanks for the idea.

Good luck!


Watch Adorable Baby Koala Cuddle With Cameraman

In this video, Koala joey, Imogen, is being introduced to her new sanctuary at Symbio Wildlife Park in New South Wales, Australia.

Hand raised by Kylie Elliot and Matt Radnidge since she was 8 months old, it’s clear that Imogen has received much tender, loving care by humans. In this video, she hops around her new surroundings, then climbs up the cameraman’s leg and proceeds to snuggle with him.

Want to see Imogen’s full story? Watch Kylie & Matt’s home video below:

Raising ImogenMatt & Kylie have created the most adorable home video ever seen as they take you on their touching journey of hand rearing tiny Imogen, the Koala joey with a remarkable story.

Posted by Symbio Wildlife Park on Thursday, September 10, 2015

DIY Your Holiday Decor With This Amazing Shadow Box

Santa Clause decor gets old pretty fast, but that doesn’t mean you should do away with all of your holiday decor. Holiday decor is fun because it creates this enchanted atmosphere even though the month and the weather are the only real changes happening around you. But that’s half the fun of celebrating holidays—you can get creative with them, and create a reason to celebrate and make things feel cozier.

If you enjoy burying yourself in wrapping paper like I do, then you love DIYing all of your home decor. For the holidays, I make my own Christmas tree out of reusable items (in New York City, no one has room for a life-sized tree). But the fact that I make the items myself makes them that much more unique and fun to share with friends.

For this holiday season, try this DIY shadow box from POPSUGAR. They’re beautiful, festive and you could even use them as mood lighting for parties or holiday dinners. For the directions on how to make this and where to get the items, click here.


If you’re on a budget, though, try using plastic shadow boxes that you can find at most craft stores or online. Spray paint the insides of them gold or silver. Then, you can buy cheap craft brush trees online or in a craft store, and spray paint them white. Then, use stretched out cotton to create snow and these LED string lights from Pottery Barn to give your forest a mystical quality.

Don’t be afraid to stray away from the forest idea, though. Go for a snowy city scene, a sledding scene or maybe, if you want to get the kids involved, an imaginative scene with fairies and forest animals. There’s nothing you can’t do with a little paint, clay and paper. If you’re feeling a bit lazier, you don’t even have to create a scene. Instead, you could opt for something where you just fill the shadow box with traditional things that remind you of the holidays.



Anyway you do it, this DIY shadow box will be a beautiful, non-Santa addition to your holiday decor.