Do You Remember These 8 Wacky Candies From Your Childhood?

Ahh, childhood—life was simpler then, wasn’t it? Your biggest worries were who to sit with at lunch and what to wear on the first day of school. Chances are, seeing a favorite toy or hearing a song from back in the day is enough to send you down memory lane. But what about the candy? When you were a kid, your favorite candy was as important as your favorite glass of wine is now. Here are eight candies from childhood we’d almost forgotten about. How many of them were your favorites?

1. Boston Baked Beans

How weird were these? While you may have eschewed the real deal at a family picnic, you were always up for these candy-coated nuts that looked (sort of) like baked beans.


2. Candy Cigarettes

Thanks to public health campaigns, smoking is way down these days. But when we were kids, candy cigarettes were the cool accessory. Bonus point if they emitted the billowy candy “smoke” that made them look even more realistic.


3. Warheads

Warheads weren’t for the faint of heart. These super-sour hard candies came in flavors like green apple and lemon. The sour flavor was so intense they even came with a warning label!


4. Pixy Sticks

For a sugar rush that went straight to your head, Pixy Sticks were the thing. These candy powder-filled straws probably wouldn’t fly in today’s health-conscious world, but they sure were fun back in the day.


5. Pop Rocks

This carbonated candy literally “popped” in your mouth. Remember the urban legend that said if you mixed pop rocks with soda the concoction would explode? These days, people add these to cocktails for a fun and nostalgia-filled kick.


6. Cow Tales

When you couldn’t get your hands on ice cream, these creamy treats were the next best thing. They come in several flavors, including strawberry and chocolate, but the original vanilla is a classic.



7. Sour Patch Kids

If you weren’t quite up for the full-on assault to your taste buds that was a Warhead but still wanted that sour taste, Sour Patch Kids were your friend. Sprinkled with sugar, these chewy candies can still be found at most movie theaters today!


8. Candy Necklaces

A favorite party favor, boys and girls alike loved these sweet treats that were also a fashion statement. If you taste them today, they’re sort of chalky, but that’s overshadowed by the fun nostalgia factor.


[h/t: Better Homes & Gardens]