Starburst Is Releasing Limited-Edition “All-Pink” Packs

It’s common knowledge that pink Starburst (allegedly strawberry flavored) are the best ones.

Unpopular opinion: I also love the yellow, lemon-flavored ones, but even I know pink reigns supreme. And now, for a limited time next month, you’ll be able to snag an ENTIRE BAG of only pink Starburst fruit chews. Where do we sign up?

Available for a short time only in April, the pink Starburst will be sold at select retailers including Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Kroger, Target, Meijer and H-E-B. The packs will also be available on Amazon, in case you can’t find them in stores or live overseas. No one is exactly sure when the pink packs will debut (or for how long!), so keep a sharp eye out.

The candies will come in three sizes: a 2-ounce pack that’s the same size you’d buy at the airport, a 14-ounce pack that’s allegedly for two people to share (yeah, okay); and then the grandaddy of bags that weighs in at 41 ounces and also happens to be resealable. Which basically translates to: “Don’t eat this all in one sitting or you’ll probably die and your organs will turn pink.”

Starburst has previously dabbled in selling bags of candy in specific flavors. In 2016, they also launched FaveREDS bags that were filled with just pink and red Starburst. Personally, I was offended by the mixture of the greatest flavor of Starburst candy (pink) combined with the absolute worst (red, AKA fake cherry cough syrup disaster).

To buy a bag of FaveREDS basically meant you were wasting half of it. The candy company also rolled out FaveREDS bags of jelly beans and mini Starbursts in the same flavors, but to significantly less fanfare.

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It’s clear that the loyal eatership of pink Starburst is galvanized and ready to go just as soon as the new bags hit the shelves. I know I’ll be getting my own 41-ounce bag… and I won’t be sharing.