Trader Joe’s New Deep-Dish Cookie Dessert Can Feed 10 People (Not That You Have To Share)

Is there anything better than a warm, delicious chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven? The answer may lie in a new dessert from Trader Joe’s called the Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie. This extra-large cookie is made with butter, brown sugar, vanilla and “copious amounts of rich chocolate chunks,” according to the grocer. The dessert can be found in the frozen section, and it can be cooked in the microwave or oven. The resulting hot, gooey cookie is big enough to serve 10 people.

Trader Joe's

The cookie looks like the perfect dessert to serve a la mode, as shown in the picture above. The retailer also suggested whipped cream or milk as suitable accompaniments. The Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie sells for $3.99, and as Trader Joe’s pointed out in its description, a similar dessert at a restaurant (such as Unos) will set you back a bit more.

This sounds like the perfect dessert for your next girls’ night in, casual dinner party, kids’ sleepover or really, any random night when you feel like stuffing your face with warm cookie goodness.

This totally reminds me of one of my favorite desserts that I snag at a local restaurant, and I’ve thought about replicating it at home. However, I’ve never gotten around to actually going out and buying all the ingredients and putting it together. The fact that I can eat the Trader Joe’s version from the comfort of my home without all the work makes it pretty darn appealing.

People on social media thought this deep-dish cookie sounded pretty impressive as well, like this woman who says she doesn’t need nine friends to wolf down a massive cookie:

This user could only accurately express her joy about this new dessert with an appropriate GIF:

What do you think? Are you snagging one of these on your next Trader Joe’s run?