United Kingdom’s Smallest Castle Is On The Market

Ever felt like you were meant to live in an English castle? It doesn’t have to be a fairy-tale dream any longer. In fact, for only about $687,000, you could purchase your own storybook estate containing the United Kingdom’s smallest castle!

The U.K.’s Smallest Castle

Molly’s Lodge is known as the United Kingdom’s smallest castle. However, what it may lack in size, Molly’s Lodge more than makes up for it in its charm and style. Coming in at 782-square feet, this home sits on just under a three-quarter-acre lot. Despite being tucked away in the country, the castle is conveniently located near a number of towns with shopping, schools and recreational activities.


Castle Listed On English’s Historic Register

This 19th century castle is located in the central part of England, and Molly’s Lodge was built in 1834 by Edward Biore, the man who build Buckingham Palace during Queen Victoria’s reign. The home originally served as a gatehouse for the Weston Park estate. However, now it is registered as its own residence.

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In addition, Molly’s Lodge has a Grade II listing in Britain’s historical records. This means the country considers it a “particularly important building of more than special interest.” This listing is based on the estate’s age, rarity, appearance and national interest. Buildings like this have careful protections from destruction or changes in appearance.


Life Inside The Castle

Molly’s Lodge is a one-bedroom, one bathroom home with beautiful interiors that appear surprisingly modern for a nearly 200-year-old castle.


Features include a Victorian cast iron fireplace, stone hearth, stone archway, oak doors, a spiral staircase and vaulted ceilings.

united kingdom's tiniest castle

A full kitchenette, dining room and two seating areas are also included.

According to the realtor’s listing, the grounds have ponds, mature gardens and gravelled seating areas.


The gardens include a greenhouse, vegetable patches and a chicken run. An orchard with apple, pear and plum trees also sits on the grounds. Molly’s Mews—a detached timber-framed building that includes a single-car garage, two carports and a home office—also sits on the property.


An apartment is also available in this detached building, including a kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom.

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