This Website Gives You A Photo To Prove Santa Came To Your House

Do your children believe in Santa Claus? Many people would argue that part of the magic of Christmas is the story of Santa Claus and having faith in the unseen.

Pew Research Center poll found that only one in five kids believes in Old St. Nick.

If your kiddos are starting to ask a few too many questions about Santa Claus and you want to enhance their faith in the jolly old man for at least one more year, then we do we have the website for you!

christmas photo
Getty Images | Dan Kitwood

Capture the Magic is a very special website that makes it easy for you to bring Santa Claus into your very own home. And, no, you won’t have to don a musty old Santa suit!

Instead, simply take a picture of your living room as it will appear on Christmas Eve. (So make sure your tree is up, the cookies and carrots are laid out, and the presents are under the tree.)

santa photo
Getty Images | Sean Gallup

Then upload the picture to the Capture the Magic website.

You can then choose from a handful of Santa Claus photos, such as Santa being startled under the tree while he drops off some presents or Santa drinking some milk with his plate of cookies.

After you work the photo-editing magic, you can then print off the pictures or display them on your computer or phone screen.

So when your little ones look at you with disbelief when you talk about Santa, all you have to do is whip out your photographic evidence!

With Capture the Magic, you can also perform similar photo-editing tricks with other mythical creatures, like the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

If you want to try it out of for yourself, it will only cost you $0.99. Although, it could end up costing your child a fortune in therapy later in life …

There’s also a phone number you can call to reach Santa!

santa photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

When you dial the number, you’ll be greeted by an enthusiastic “Ho, ho, ho” from Santa.

“Merry Christmas! This is Santa Claus and you have reached my personal hotline,” he says.

santa photo
Getty Images | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

What do you think? Is this taking the story of Santa Claus too far, or is it just a fun way to prolong the holiday magic for kids a little bit longer?

[h/t: Good Housekeeping]