12 Delightful Things You Never Knew About Prosecco

Prosecco has become quite popular and whether you knew it or not, you’ve probably had a glass of it before thinking that it was champagne, despite the fact that it’s not technically champagne.

It’s bubbly and tasty like champagne, but it comes at a fraction of the price. Hallelujah! No wonder this is the beverage of choice among many, huh?

If you’re like me, then often times, you don’t know a whole lot about the wine that you’re drinking. What kind of grapes were used to create it? In the case of Prosecco, exactly how many tiny bubbles are floating around in there?

Find out 12 things you never realized about Prosecco and impress your guests the next time you’re filling glasses of bubbly at your next party.

1. It Has Fewer Calories Than Wine – Woo!

A glass of red wine has 125 calories while most sparkling drinks only have 90, according to Shape magazine. So, if you’re watching your calories, pop a bottle of bubbly instead of uncorking your typical red.


2. It’s Good For Your Health

Prosecco and other champagnes are said to be good for heart circulation and for keeping your mind sharp. A glass a day keeps the doctor away. Or something like that.


3. It’s Actually Sparkling Wine

Prosecco isn’t technically champagne, instead it’s a sparkling wine. The only real difference between the two, however, is that one originated from France and the other did not.


4. Where It Originated From

So, where exactly did Prosecco get its start? In Italy, no doubt.


5. It Won’t Leave You With A Hang Over

Shape magazine reports that unless you’re drinking one that’s too sweet, champagne or sparkling wine are far less likely to leave you with a nasty headache the next morning.


6. It’s Cheap

Ok, so you did probably know this already, and if you didn’t— you’ve been missing out. A bottle of Prosecco is much cheaper than a bottle of champagne.


7. What Grape It’s Made With

Food & Wine writes that it was originally made with the “Glera” grape, but now it can also be made with the same grapes used to create Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and even Pinot Noir, although you’d never know it by its taste.


8. The Cork Can Fly Off At 25 MPH

A cork can reach up to 25 MPH when flying off a bottle, so look out!


9. There’s A Town Named Prosecco

There’s a town called Prosecco and that’s where the making of it first began, of course. Prosecco means “path through the woods,” according to Food & Wine.


10. Not All Prosecco Is Bubbly

There are three different levels of bubbliness for this drink: the most bubbly (spumante), the second-most bubbly (frizzante), and one that has no bubbles at all is referred to as tranquillo.

white wine

11. How Many Bubbles There Are

When there are bubbles, though, how many are there? Well, according to Thrillist, there are 49 billion bubbles in one bottle of champagne.


12. The First Bellini Was Made With Prosecco

According to Food & Wine, the first Bellini (your other favorite beverage) was actually made with Prosecco and not champagne. So, now you know how to make yourself a cheap version at home.

Irina's slightly more glamorous job: bellinis

So, there’s a little info about Prosecco. Knowing a little more about it will probably help your feel even better about drinking it, so, drink up already, would you?