You Can Now Buy Margarita- And Mimosa-Flavored Cotton Candy

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Ah, cotton candy. It’s a staple of carnivals across the country, and no childhood is really complete unless you had it at least once. As an adult, though, odds are good that thoughts of, “this is literally just fluffy sugar,” guilt you into skipping out on the fun.

I assume that’s why things like cotton candy-flavored grapes were invented — so we can have the flavor without the regret. But sometimes, there comes a cotton candy flavor made for grown-ups that is just too hard to resist.

Introducing margarita- and mimosa-flavored cotton candy! The genius invention is $4.99 a tub, and it’s available at The Fresh Market locations across the U.S. or directly from the makers of the treat, Chocolate Storybook. You will have to pay shipping costs if ordering online, so if you have a The Fresh Market nearby, that’s the way to go.

The Fresh Market

Now, while these are definitely adult flavors, they do not have alcohol, so kids are welcome to enjoy as well. Both flavors are hand-created and packed fresh from the Chocolate Storybook.

I had the opportunity to taste them, and while I liked both, mimosa was the winner. It tasted like sweet oranges, just like cotton candy I remember from childhood. The margarita was good, but more like the mix you combine with the tequila, so it was tangy and citrusy, but missing the flavor that, for me, really makes a margarita. Both seemed incredibly fresh, as if they had just been made just before being packaged sent my way.


Of course there are other interesting flavors of cotton candy out there, including Dr. Pepper-flavored cotton candy, which you can order on Amazon.

If you don’t have a The Fresh Market near you or don’t want to order it online, you could try making your own cotton candy, but it would probably be easier to just make a cotton candy margarita instead.

This recipe from Such the Spot combines tequila, lime juice, cream soda, orange liqueur and, you guessed it, cotton candy. All you do is combine all the liquid ingredients, then pour them over the cotton candy and voilà — cotton candy margarita!

Such The Spot

Will you be trying some margarita or mimosa cotton candy or whipping up a cotton candy margarita?