You’ve Got To See These Kids’ Reactions To Creepy Easter Bunnies

In theory, the Easter Bunny is cute—hopping into town with a fluffy white tail and leaving candy-filled eggs for your kids to hunt. But when you prop your child on the Easter Bunny’s lap at the mall for a photo, the buck teeth—up close and personal—are super-exaggerated and actually look kind of sharp. His big eyes appear sinister. The floppy ears sometimes pointy. And, unlike Santa, he doesn’t really talk because, well, he’s a bunny. But if he did, what would his voice even sound like?!

So there you are, left drawing comparisons between Donnie Darko and the mall Easter Bunny. But your kids have a more innate reaction: “Nope.”

That “Hoppy Easter” photo shoot you planned, outfitting your kids in bow ties and pretty dresses? Not. Going. To. Happen. Not on their dime. They’ll just sit it out until Easter Sunday and take the candy. No photos, please!

The horror of children meeting the Easter Bunny is nothing new, as evidenced by some creepy vintage photos. (In fact, the Easter Bunny may have been even scarier back in the Polaroid-era, so at least he’s evolving.) It’s just now we have the internet and subsequently Reddit, Tumblr, Imgur and other great places to amass a collection of photos proving some universal truths: (A) The mall Easter Bunny is creepier than many Halloween costumes and (B) Your kids are suspicious of it, and rightly so.

Without further ado, here are 14 photos of kids meeting the Easter Bunny that you just need to see.

1. Wait for it, wait for it. Once you see it, you won’t be able to stop making eye contact.

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2. Before there was “Grumpy Cat,” there was “Grumpy Easter Bunny.” This kid is a good sport, to say the least.

easter bunny reddit

3. Wait, are we witnessing a kidnapping?

4. This kid’s face says it all.

5. Put. Down. The. Knife.

cake screen grab
Holy Taco

6. Um, is he trying to eat the kids?

easter creepy 5

7. This Easter Bunny looks more like the Grinch.


8. “What even is this thing, mom?!”

Easter Bunny Greets Shopping Mall
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9. We’re not sure why this bunny’s wearing velour either, kid!

10. “Couldn’t have gone any better, I don’t think.”

11. Runnnnnnn!

12. Double the terror.

13. No, you’re right kiddos. Something is not right with this bunny.

14. “Sophie did not ‘wike a Weaster Bunny’.” (You’re not wrong, Sophie!)